We liaise openly and frequently with our clients, communicating “on their level” and never hesitating to make clear recommendations.
Before doing anything, we listen carefully to what they say in order to gain a comprehensive overview of any commercially and legally relevant issues. Indeed, we can only meaningfully and successfully represent our clients’ interests if we understand their interests and intentions.
This understanding then forms the basis of the strategy that we develop jointly with the client and the individual steps required for implementing it.
Moreover, we believe that personal support is a vital part of any lasting and trusting client-lawyer relationship.


It is equally important to us that you have a detailed understanding of anything that we devise together. We consider ourselves to be your legal “translator” explaining often complex and obscure contractual and transactional structures and concepts, especially in the following specialist fields:

Corporate Law/M&As

We provide comprehensive advice on corporate law/mergers & acquisitions, covering company incorporations, acquisitions, specific issues of corporate law, everyday business, divestitures, restructuring, and changes of corporate form. Companies and investors from various industries put their faith in our wide-ranging advice on takeovers, mergers, and joint ventures. We also offer expertise in transaction and corporate financing, representation on boards, and advice on disputes under corporate law.

“As an innovative and fast-growing company in the IT sector, we rely on highly competent and straightforward specialist advice. The Corporate Legal Group has provided us with outstanding support in this respect since we set up the company, especially in matters relating to corporate law. We can always rely on the CLG team to assist with any transactions and funding rounds.”

- Ulrich Berger, CEO & Co-founder der itour cityguide GmbH -

Dispute Resolution

We advise and represent our German and international clients in all types of disputes relating to business law. This is offered before conflicts arise, in state judicial proceedings, in arbitration proceedings, and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. We approach matters from a business perspective with a view to maximizing our clients’ benefits and minimizing their risk.

“CLG provides us with calm and convincing advice even in complicated and lengthy projects and proceedings. I would very happily recommend the Corporate Legal Group to others.”

- Dr Klaus F. Puell, Chairman of the Management Board at Oxxynova GmbH -

International Business Law

Overseas business offers major opportunities, but also entails risk. The familiar routines involved in domestic deals may be completely different in global transactions. We can provide specialist lawyers and extensive experience to help you develop your overseas business, make investments, enter into international agreements and partnerships, and any other related matters involving international business law. We have a global network of specialists at our disposal, covering your target countries.